shadowplayboys ShadowPlay is a London-based fanzine dogsbodied by Alex Lawson. This site hosts ShadowPlay podcasts including Desert Isolation Discs and the archive of Shoreditch Radio show, The Anoraks.

January 23, 2007  

The ShadowPlayboys Podbean page is a collection of podcasts produced by ShadowPlay Fanzine editor Alex Lawson. The podcast stream hosts everything from one-off interviews to online radio shows, always with a focus on interesting music presented in a fun manner. 

It also hosts new interviews from Alex's Desert Isolation Discs podcast which asks its guests which eight tracks they'd take if they were stranded in a desert, original huh? More info on that can be found here -

The podcast stream has previously been used to host The Anoraks, an online radio show on London's Shoreditch radio featuring Alex alongside co-presenters Tom Bonnett and Alex Burnard. The Anoraks looked to bring a healthy dose of fun to the serious world of being nerdy about music and interviewed the likes of Ninja Tune artist Grrasscut, The Wire magazine's Derek Walmsley and reggae specialists Trojan Sound System along the way. 

Prior to that, the stream also hosted the ShadowPlayboys' Faces for Radio, a radio show on Sheffield University Radio featuring Alex and James Lambert in which two oddballs largely tried to outdo each other in the silliness stakes.

More info on all projects and latest news here: