shadowplayboys ShadowPlay is a London-based fanzine dogsbodied by Alex Lawson. This site hosts ShadowPlay podcasts including Desert Isolation Discs and the archive of Shoreditch Radio show, The Anoraks.

October 21, 2011  

The Anoraks put listeners out of their misery by revealing the winners of the British cheese awards, discussing the bizarre sport of horse boarding and pondering what David Attenborough keeps in his pockets. The eclectic musical nerds discuss the benefits of putting music online for free with the launch of new service Moozar and paw over the life and times of LaVern Baker, the next entrant into the Dead Good hall of fame. Elsewhere music from Kavinsky, Tom Waits, Stan Johnson & The Blue Chips, Samoyed , Jonti and Bullwackies Allstars create a show more jam packed than a Brummie's suitcase on a two week holiday to Crete. Tweet us @anorakssdr