shadowplayboys ShadowPlay is a London-based fanzine dogsbodied by Alex Lawson. This site hosts ShadowPlay podcasts including Desert Isolation Discs and the archive of Shoreditch Radio show, The Anoraks.

July 11, 2011  

The Anoraks find themselves with an Alex-imbalance as Mr Tom Bonnett hides under his hood this time out. But never fear, some very special guests in the form of fellow station DJs the Sure Ditch Stars' Talia and Becks step up to the plate in guessing whether Mr Burnard is a phoney in Real Fake. Elsewhere in a rammed show, the Alexes ponder the validity and worth of supergroups, celebrate the life of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti in our tastelessly-titled feature Dead Good and our Adventuring Anorak Cyril gets cantankerous on his next musical stop. We feature Eluvium in Piano Time and enjoy cuts from the Pixies, Louis Prima, Quantic Soul Orchestra and Beck.