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October 18, 2016  
Over two decades as a published author Toby Litt has spanned crime, romance and the down right weird in his novels and short stories. Famed for naming his novels in order, from A to Z, his writing is anything but predictable.

As well as his acclaimed handiwork, Litt is a university lecturer in creative writing at Birbeck in London, has written comics, songs and even worked on an opera. Litt reveals how he narrowly escaped a baseball-bat beating as a teen, the influence of living above an antique shop and the secret to creative writing.
September 13, 2015  

Gordon 'Mac' McNamee has played a crucial role in the way the UK has consumed soulful music - from reggae to house - over the last four decades. As founder of Kiss FM, he helped bring black music to London's rapidly evolving 80s club scene. He took the pirate station on to FM and continued to manage it when taken over by Emap. 

Now at the helm of new station Mi Soul - which has just landed on DAB radio - Mac retains the relentless passion and unique humour which trademarked his most triumphant years. A true gent and a gleeful music fan, this is one to give a spin. Feel free to stream it or even better, download and subscribe as a podcast. 

February 8, 2015  
Jerry Thackray, or rather his pen name Everett True, is a name synonymous with quality music journalism and rock'n'roll spirit. The Chelmsford-born music journalist's life is a stream of experiences with guitar music's biggest names from Alan McGee to Kurt Cobain. He has written for the NME, Melody Maker and the Guardian.

Here, he picks the eight tunes he couldn't live without when thrust into the lonesome desert and talks me through his early years, the changing face of music journalism, why he was sacked from NME and his relationship with Nirvana. Stream the show below or download is as a podcast by typing shadowplayboys.
March 11, 2014  

Barcelona-based record label head honcho and talented marketer Anders Knight is my latest guest on Desert Isolation Discs. He became the lynchpin in the arts and culture scene of Nottingham when based there through his excellent stewardship of craft night Jumpers for Goalposts as co-host of the Pretty Dandy Flea markets and enticing us to watch great films at the Broadway cinema. 

His record label Hello Thor - co-founded with fellow friends of the blog Tom Whalley and Nick Lawford in 2008 - is host to a raft of exhilarating acts including Fists, We Show Up on Radar and Anxieteam. More info and guests at:

February 11, 2014  

As vanity projects go, recording your own Desert Isolation Discs podcast is right up there. But nonetheless, here's your blogging host Alex Lawson's eight tunes he would save from the wreckage after a freak sky diving accident. Tom Bonnett manfully steps in as host. More details and full songs here -

December 31, 2013  

Anoraks presenter and long-time ShadowPlay collaborator Tom Bonnett is our guest on Desert Isolation Discs - a podcast presented by Alex Lawson. Tom he tells us which eight tracks he would save from the wreckage when stranded in the desert after a freak hang gliding accident.


A journalist, DJ and broadcaster, Tom allows us into his world from the Cambridge hip-hop scene to the machinations of the media through an interview with song clips. More details and full songs here -

July 11, 2011  

The Anoraks find themselves with an Alex-imbalance as Mr Tom Bonnett hides under his hood this time out. But never fear, some very special guests in the form of fellow station DJs the Sure Ditch Stars' Talia and Becks step up to the plate in guessing whether Mr Burnard is a phoney in Real Fake. Elsewhere in a rammed show, the Alexes ponder the validity and worth of supergroups, celebrate the life of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti in our tastelessly-titled feature Dead Good and our Adventuring Anorak Cyril gets cantankerous on his next musical stop. We feature Eluvium in Piano Time and enjoy cuts from the Pixies, Louis Prima, Quantic Soul Orchestra and Beck.

February 7, 2010  

Trailing the latest Broken Yolk night at the Pangea Project, Tom Bonnett and Alex Lawson look at combinations of man and machine, looking at how they can complement each other and work together in a creative crunch of vocal chords and circuit boards. The likes of Jamie Lidell, Scott Walker, Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Schneider TM and Raymond Scott join Yolkie stars Ryat, Segment and Mataniu to explore the theme and provide a backdrop for cheeky chat and bootlegging banter. More info on the night at: February 20th - Ryat, Mataniu and Segment. Free before 9pm, £4 after, Broken Yolk DJs spinning ‘til late. Pangea Project, 72 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, London, N16 6XS

December 3, 2009  

Journeying to a world unlike our own, Tom Bonnett and Alex Lawson ask what tunes might top the charts in another dimension and take their chances with the occult investigating the secret spell behind a perfect soul record. The ponderous duo take you through some pop puzzles and play some genuine classics to boot.

August 19, 2009  

ShadowPlay teams up with Teddy Bones, aka long-time SP contributor and fiend on the ones and twos, Tom Bonnett for an early precursor to a long-time partnership. This episde we introduce top monthly Stoke Newington night Broken Yolk, conducting some pointed ramblings about music consumption (including the mysteries of spotify) and featuring some aural delights in the form of Lord Tanamo, Acoustic Ladyland and a certain familiar reggae face.

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